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Welcome to my digital garden where I share what I'm learning about shipping great products, becoming a better developer and growing a career in tech.

Animated Loading Skeletons with Tailwind CSS

Jul 18

(WIP) Automatically Generate Branded Open Graph (OG) Images for Your Blog Posts

Jul 5

Draft: Use Cloudinary to automatically generate a branded OG image for each post.

Turn Freeform MDX Content into Structured Data with Contentlayer

Apr 25

Deal with the chaos of freeform MDX content by transforming it into structured type-safe data and reduce the boilerplate and external tools required to effectively manage MDX content.

Next 12.1: Regenerate a static page when its data changes

Feb 18

A quick demo of On-Demand Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR). Regenerate static pages without having to rebuild the entire site or having to wait for a specific revalidation interval.

6 Months as a Developer Advocate

Jan 20

A reflection on what it's being like working at Vercel as a Developer Advocate in the last few months

Interactive playgrounds with React

Dec 9, 2021
React Conf

How developers can leverage tools such as React and MDX to add more active learning experiences to docs and articles.

Interactive playgrounds

Dec 8, 2021

A curated list of docs and articles that are merging the lines between static and interactive content; active and passive learning.

Getting Started with React.js

Oct 28, 2021
Next Conf

New to React? I'll briefly introduce JavaScript, and build on that foundation to explain the fundamentals of React.js. No prior experience is needed.

Getting Started with Next.js

Oct 28, 2021
Next Conf

New to Next.js? I'll explain the fundamentals of React, and build on that foundation to explain Next.js. No prior experience is needed.

My Story + How I Became a Developer without a Degree

Jul 29, 2021

The story of how I learned how to code. It spans 3 countries and a decade, it's been a long journey with a few detours, but I eventually found my career path.

How I Built the Portfolio That Landed Me a Dev Role (Tech Stack Explained)

Jul 20, 2021

How I built the portfolio that helped me land my first developer role at one of my dream companies.

How I Built My Site with Next.js

Jul 9, 2021

An overview of how I chose my stack, the resources that were helpful, and my design and content decisions.

A like button that likes you back

May 26, 2021

Inspired by Josh Comeau, I've recreated a like button that delightfully animates and persists state to a database.